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Hi! I'm Rhianna!


First things first, my name is pronounced REE-AN-uh (I know you were wondering). Fun fact, I was actually named after the song "Rhiannon" by Fleetwood Mac!

When it comes to my design expertise, I've ventured into many areas, including branding, marketing design, social media strategy, logo and identity design, photography, and web design. In the past year, I have also immersed myself in the world of UI/UX design and I am really loving it!

I am a really big nerd when it comes to all things design. I am especially a sucker for pretty packaging - even if the product inside isn't the greatest. Guilty!

But hey, there's more to me than pixels and vectors. Photography also holds a special place in my heart! I find that snapping authentic moments with my camera is just as rewarding as creating purposeful design.

I'm a tireless explorer, always chasing the latest design trends and honing my craft. But let's face it, when I'm not hustling in the creative realm, you'll find me cozied up with my furry friends, sipping on iced coffee like it's the last one I'll ever have, or binging The Office for the umpteenth time.

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