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United Conference: Event Design

ROLE: Lead Designer

- Overall Logo + Branding Identity
- Conference Space Design
- Website
- Name Tag Lanyards
- Award Certificate(s)
- Award Stickers
- Coupon Tickets
- Apparel Design
- Welcome Postcard
- Presentation Design(s)
- Print Design (Informational Packets)
- Conference Pull-Up Banners
- Stickers
- Selfie Poster
- Cloth Wristbands
- Conference Step + Repeat Banners
- Quote Decal Graphics


Slingshot, an EdTech company specializing in course materials for higher education institutions, encompasses a sub-brand known as The Campus Store Co. This brand symbolizes the collaborative partnership between Slingshot and the universities it serves. When Slingshot secures a school as both a course materials account and a physical bookstore, a tailored sub-brand is developed specifically for that institution.

Under The Campus Store Co., each school is assigned a dedicated Slingshot-employed campus store manager. Each year, Slingshot hosts a three-day Managers Conference, providing managers with the opportunity to network with counterparts from across the nation. The conference features talks, activities, and workshops aimed at creating professional relationships and facilitating growth within the industry.


CURRENT SITUATION: Slingshot's annual Managers Conference lacks a clear identity, leaving attendees feeling disconnected and undervalued.

DESIRED SITUATION: To cultivate a new and exciting identity for the 2024 Managers Conference. The ultimate goal is to create an event that makes the Campus Store managers feel apart of something greater, make connections with other managers, grow professionally and have fun while doing it.


As the lead designer for the 2024 Managers Conference event, my goal was clear: to cultivate a strong sense of unity and belonging among Slingshot and its campus store managers, coming from all regions and walks of life.

Since there was little to no brand identity in pervious years, I began by crafting a unique name for the conference that was centered around community, togetherness, and diversity. The event name is "United" and every design decision was created to capture those essential elements.

For the 2024 Managers Conference, named "United", the design approach focuses on bringing managers together. The "United" logo are represented by building blocks of the different types of managers.

The use of bold colors and modern styles create a space where everyone feels connected and welcomed to be themselves. As managers gather to pursue success, the design sets the tone for collaboration and creativity.

Quotes were taken from real Slingshot employees descrbing their love for the company. This idea goes back to the idea of "unity".

It's not just about making the Slingshot brand look good; it's about inspiring managers to think differently and drive our company forward.

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