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The Bitter B!tch: Branding Project

CLIENT: The Bitter B!tch

LOCATION: Indianapolis, IN

SECTOR: Branding

ROLE: Designer

- Identity Design
- Web & Print Ads
- Brand Guide
- Radio & TV Commercial


The Bitter B!tch is a fictitious bar located in Indianapolis, IN. The Bitter B!tch is a fresh new cocktail bar/lounge made strictly only for women. This bar specializes in creating custom cocktails as well as hosting event parties/celebrations. Since The Bitter B!tch is a women's only bar, it is only right that the most iconic females in pop culture are showcased through the brand. Icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Stevie Nicks and P!NK are all iconic female figures in the pop culture world. Each iconic figure was chosen for each specific generation, so that all women feel included and seen.


The Bitter B!tch is catered towards women who feel out of place at any other regular college/sports bar. At The Bitter B!tch women are made to feel welcomed, inspired and allowed to let loose. #Reclaimthename


The Bitter B!tch logo is made to look like an authentic handwritten signature. The logo is imperfect as that also symbolizes women's imperfections. The other imperfections within the logo also visualize to be that of a wax stamp. The signature style logo is classic, timeless, and true to the overall brand.


The web and print ads also showcase the iconic female figures and other classic/timeless images of women enjoying a cocktail. The brand identity is consistent with black and white images and pops of The Bitter B!tch pink color. Strong images of the women are used such as Cher wearing a power suit and Lady Gaga flipping her hair. Also, the cocktails are showcased as classic old fashions instead of the stereotypical wine.

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