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Slingshot Onboarding

CLIENT: Slingshot (Edu)

ROLE: Brand Designer

- Onboarding Website
- Onboarding Documentation Design
- Print


Slingshot is an EdTech company leading the way in innovation. Slingshot created the first Equitable Access (EA) course material program in the industry. Think of it as a subscription box for all of your physical and digital course materials. In partnership with higher education institutions, Slingshot believes the industry can change together.


Prior to the introduction of the Onboarding site, Slingshot faced the challenge of managing multiple universities simultaneously, resorting to a less streamlined Onboarding process. This process was time-consuming and prone to potential miscommunications.

However, with the implementation of the Onboarding site, Slingshot has revolutionized their approach, centralizing all essential materials in one easily accessible platform. This streamlined system not only saves time but also enhances communication efficiency, allowing for a more seamless and organized Onboarding experience for all universities involved.


This platform acts as a centralized hub, providing each university with a customized website specifically tailored to their Onboarding needs. From important forms, presentations, and guidelines to interactive training modules and resources, the platform offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies document management and enhances communication. Slingshot's Onboarding website empowers universities to create a seamless and personalized Onboarding journey, ensuring that new members feel welcomed, supported, and ready to embark on their academic endeavors.

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