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Slingshot Branding-Refresh

CLIENT: Slingshot (Edu)

ROLE: Lead Brand Designer

- Branding + Identity
- Mini refresh of Corporate Website
- 25th Anniversary Logo
- Social Media
- Ambassador Program Design
- Presentation Design
- Digital Media Design + Print
- Conference Banners


Slingshot is an EdTech company leading the way in innovation. Slingshot created the first Equitable Access (EA) course material program in the industry. Think of it as a subscription box for all of your physical and digital course materials. In partnership with higher education institutions, Slingshot believes the industry can change together.


Slingshot has embarked on a dynamic journey to refresh its image, catering specifically to students and their unique needs. Recognizing the significance of connecting with this vibrant demographic, Slingshot has undergone a remarkable transformation, embracing a more personal and human-centered design style. With an unwavering commitment to understanding and empathizing with students, the brand has crafted an inclusive and relatable identity that resonates deeply with their aspirations and desires.

Through a fresh visual approach featuring youthful colors, dynamic typography, and imagery that captures the essence of student life, Slingshot now serves as a trusted companion on their educational journey. This brand evolution symbolizes Slingshot's dedication to fostering an environment where students feel empowered, supported, and inspired to reach their full potential.

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