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Red Pines Food Truck

CLIENT: Red Pines

LOCATION: Onalaska, WI

SECTOR: Food & Drink

ROLE: Designer

- Identity Design
- Vehicle Wrap/Graphics
- Package Design
- Menu Design

AWARDS: Packaging of the World


This food truck design was created for a local Wisconsin fish fry restaurant, Red Pines. Red Pines offers a cozy, warm and rustic atmosphere that is nestled in the woods of Wisconsin. Red Pines prides itself in the quality of fish they serve and the time taken to prepare each meal.

Fish frys are most common in Wisconsin as most of Wisconsin’s settlers were Catholics of Polish and German descent. Pair the fish with a side of coleslaw, fries, rye bread, and a pitcher of beer and you are on your way to being a true Wisconsinite.


If Red Pines had a designated food truck, the restaurant would be able to cater to more customers outside the one brick and mortar. The food truck would also speed up the process of wait times.


All of the elements within the food truck, packaging, and menu relate to the original Red Pines brick and mortar. With Red Pines being nestled in the woods and on Lake Onalaska, much of the design inspiration and illustrations stem from that aesthetic. Woodgrain illustration is used on the food truck, packaging, and menu card. The logo highlights the “S” within the "Red Pines" name with a fish hook on the end.

The packaging also resembles that of a fisherman’s lunch pail often taken on a long boating day. The menu card offers a variety of delicious fish fry choices with side and drink options.

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