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P.A.L.S Accessibility App Design

CLIENT: DOMA (David Owsley Museum of Art)


SECTOR: App Design

ROLE: Designer

- Identity Design
- Multi-page App Design
- Mockups
- Info Architecture
- Video of Screens


The main disability focused in this accessibility app design is long-term stroke paralysis. Long-term stoke paralysis is when you are unable to make voluntary movements. Each element throughout the app is designed to make tasks more easily accessible. Elements were made bigger, brighter, more contrasted and spaced out to accommodate for more users with this disability.


CURRENT SITUATION: Currently, DOMA has several inaccesible exhibits to those who have limited mobility. In this case, stroke victims who are paralyzed, are unable to experience specific art peices and exhibits due to the lack of user ability for someone with less mobility.

DESIRED SITUATION: Ideally, paralyzed users of the DOMA app will be able to navigate freely without struggle. With better guidance from the app, such users will be able to view consistent information of each of the art pieces.

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