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MindMatters Branding

CLIENT: MindMatters

SECTOR: Branding

ROLE: Designer

- Brand Identity + Brand Guide
- Print Ads
- Social Media Campaign
- Multi-page App Design
- Multi-page Website Design


The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people feeling more depressed, anxious, and stressed. To reduce the negative feelings caused by the pandemic, a safe community for like-minded individuals struggling to cope with mental health issues will utilize a mentor/mentee relationship. In turn, the mentor/mentee relationship will help to create better connections, healthy cognitive coping skills, and an overall supportive community.


DESIRED SITUATION: To create a safe and unique online environment for those struggling with mental health issues in order to increase users' moods and decrease anxiety and depression. This new environment will be a community for like-minded individuals struggling to connect during the pandemic as well as discuss with a mentor about every day struggles.


Through the use of color, illustrations, and shapes, the overall message of MindMatters is to destigmatize mental health struggles across all brand deliverables. The target audience for MindMatter is Gen Z, as that generation shows the highest levels of anxiety and depression out of all the generations. The app is used specifically for the mentee user to engage with other like-minded individuals as well as chat with experienced mentors. The website is used to display information about the organization as well as a section specifically for mentors to log in or for aspiring mentors to join.

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