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Creative Conference Brochure

CLIENT: Urban Design

LOCATION: Sharonville Convention Center, OH

SECTOR: Brochure Design

ROLE: Designer

- Identity Design
- Multi-page Brochure Design
- Marquette of Booklet


The goal of this project was to write, design and construct a full conference brochure for a creative field. This brochure was designed specifically for mid-century modern interior designers. Taking inspiration from mid-century modern styles, textures and patterns, such as deep muted colors, overlapping shapes and expressive design, made for an overall quirky and unique brochure design. On the front page, a center cut out was designed to look like a window of a home looking inward.


The inside layout of the brochure contains information about keynote speakers, spotlight speakers, event schedule and application information. Mid-century modern mirrors were used to highlight and encase the speaker’s images. By doing this, it created a sense of hierarchy and unique mid-century modern elements to the brochure. Images of mid-century modern furniture were placed throughout the brochure to convey a sense of home. Keeping elements clean and modern with a twist of vintage gives the overall aesthetic of mid-century modern.

Close up details of the brochure show the use of typography and overall aesthetic. The use of deep muted colors were chosen to fit the mid- century modern era because it was more popular to style homes with pops of color with contrasting deep tones. Keeping most of the base colors muted allowed for other areas to pop with color thus creating hierarchy and movement. The use of organic flowing shapes also mimicked the mid-century modern aesthetic as many contrasting elements were typically used.

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