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CCBO Conference Campaign

CLIENT: Slingshot

SECTOR: Marketing Conference Campaign

ROLE: Lead Designer

- Landing Page
- Flyers
- Social Media Campaign
- Email Campaign
- Sticker Designs
- Presentation Slide Deck

Slingshot, a dynamic and innovative course material solutions provider, recently participated in the Community College Business Owners (CCBO) Conference. The primary goal of this campaign was to create marketing assets that were both fun and inviting while effectively conveying Slingshot's identity and services.

Slingshot aimed to be more than just another vendor at the conference; they sought to leave a lasting impression on attendees and establish meaningful connections. With that, the campaign slogan was centered around the idea of "unboxing". Unbox learning, unbox potential, unbox solutions, unbox creativity etc.

The campaign materials included course material solution flyers, eye-catching visuals with pops of the highlighter yellow, and engaging digital presentations that effectively communicated Slingshot's values, expertise, and commitment to fostering meaningful partnerships with schools and their students.

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