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Cammack Station: Identity Design

CLIENT: Cammack Station

LOCATION: Yorktown, IN

SECTOR: Food & Drink, Rebrand

ROLE: Designer

- Identity Suite Design
- Identity Suite Brand Guide
- Animation of Logo


Cammack Station is a small business eatery located within Yorktown, IN. Before it was Cammack Station, it was various small grocery stores and gas stations. Keeping the vintage gas station theme, Cammack Station showcases vintage gas station pumps all throughout the interior of the restaurant. Amongst other vintage elements, such as juke boxes, vintage signs, 50's music and more, this eatery is unique to the town of Yorktown. The new logo brings both the older and younger target audience together with vintage elements and modern flares.


CURRENT SITUATION: Cammack Station, a vintage themed gas station diner, just recently added an extension onto the building to further bring in more guests/profit. However, since the added building, Cammack Station now faces the problem of connecting the younger generation to the older generation while still maintaining the old vintage charm.

DESIRED SITUATION: Cammack Station would appeal to both the younger and older generations. The value of vintage aesthetic will still remain while also adding in a younger refreshed look. This would bridge the target audience gap for Cammack Station.


Cammack Station is a small town, local, vintage eatery, that conveys a story of slowing down & going back into time. Gas stations are often associated with quick and easy service, however, Cammack Station prides themselves in creating a made-to-order, nostalgic experience. Even though Cammack Station is a revamped gas station, the feeling of going back into time is very much relevant as guests are welcomed to admire the old memorabilia from the past. While at Cammack Station, guests leave feeling refueled and encouraged to come back for a blast of the past.

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