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Art News App

CLIENT: Cre[art]ive News App

SECTOR: App Design

ROLE: Designer

- Multi-page App Design
- Identity System
- Video of Screens
- Mockups


The goal of this app design is to provide current news articles related to specific art fields, allow all access to current art and design trends that will inspire and inform the user. The app will also help to create an artist community within the gallery & exhibitions screens.


CURRENT SITUATION: Currently, within the slew of all app designs, rarely art related news apps are being created. Even if there are current art related news apps, there is not specific apps curated for emerging artists. Most of the art news apps are specific to museum art and curators only.

DESIRED SITUATION: With an improved art news app, artists, creatives or even curious visionaries, can experience an app tailored to emerging artists that will bring a specified follow topic page and all accessible design related articles


Creative Art News is an interactive news app for any creative artist. By adding bright colors and interactive layouts, the app is easy to use and digest. Each screen offers a new structure explicitly tailored to the artist user.

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