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87th Annual Juried Student Art Show Copy

CLIENT: Ball State School of Art

ROLE: Catalog Designer + Social Media Post Designer

- Identity
- Poster
- 100 Page Catalog
- Certificates
- Social Media
- Wall Vinyl


Every year, Ball State University School of Art organizes a Juried Student Show. Each of the artworks included in the show are created by Ball State School of Art students. The event provides students the opportunity to participate in a professional exhibition where a qualified juror selects artwork and artistic awards of distinction.


The 87th Student Show theme celebrates the hard work and creativity of each student across all the programs in the School of Art. This keyword, celebration, resulted in the theme of a party being thrown in the students’ honor, and all of the vibrancy and fun that comes with it. The four tiers of the cake are represented as the four levels of the School of Art building. The 4-story cake sliced open serves as the main visual and reveals students hard at work on each floor. Other materials created for the art show, including wall vinyls, catalogs, and award certificates, carry on the party theme and visual language established by the poster.

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